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Name: Tom Jose
Rank: Captain
Assignment: Commander of Sierra Three Platoon
DOB: 2091
Born: August 5, New Haven, Eastern Place, Earth
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Shoulder length, brown
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Unmarried
Identifying Marks & such: None
History: Born, not a lot happened in the beginning, went to one of the lesser Exo-fleet academies, got placed onto the Resolute, was shipped off when in a training exercise, a person died, he was blamed & charged with gross incompetence, then placed on the E.F.S. Normandy instead of being demoted, if you ask him about it, he will tell you that it was his sergeant who killed that man to get him demoted so he could be promoted, parents still alive. Sometimes doesn't know why the hell he bothers.

Name: Crow Mengele
Rank: First Lieutenant
Assignment: XO of Seirra-Three Jump Platoon, Comm. Officer.
Age: 2093
Birthplace: The Greater Metropolitan area of Bonn, Germany.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Straight blonde with dark blue dyed shoulder length bangs.
Eyes Color: White
Species: Terran
Phys. Description: For all of the unimaginative people on the list (not bloody likely) just think of Alec DeLeon with a few modifications to get an idea of what my character looks like. No, I'm not being uncreative in design, I'm basing this character on my own appearance. I just look a lot like Alec only less cool. I even wear these weird glasses/goggle thingies (Don't believe? I'll send in some good PICS when I find some.) Lightly built (but tough.) Eye color is white due Exofleet experiment to improve soldier eye sight, now has far better night vision & a increased range of view (someone tell me if I'm being silly, & I might change the vision stuff, this is only my first run through) however, now he doesn't see red very well.
Dossier: This is Lt. Mengele third assignment since completing his Jump training (I'm assuming there would be a specific training school) & ExoFleet Academy.
-Has a sister named Jenna, She is an Exo-Fighter pilot they don't talk much because of the rivalry between Jumptroops, and Exo.
-Has the words "Ich bin einen Außenseiter" (I am an outsider) tattooed on his back.
-Having a very firm grasp on language skills he speaks German (of course), French, English, Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese all in order of when he learned them.
-Likes people, Good at making friends, but if you cross him you'll be his enemy for a very long time no matter what you do.
Jump uniform description: Lt. Mengele uses the Communications Jumppack (as seen in "The Last Jump," I remember one flying though a window), which is colored black. His actual uniform is made up of Black, Gray & White. It's all black (boots & gloves as well) with 3 1/2inch wide Gray band around the Elbows. Seven inch wide band around the knees. Each glove has a vertical white bar go from the center of the top of the hand to the end of the glove. Aside from the Two blasters that most Jumptroopers carry Lt. Mengele also has added to his equipment a "strike sword" (A hand held version of the type used by Field Sergeant E-frame pilots [i.e. Torres]), this is hooked to his belt along with his second blaster.

Name: Jessie Powers
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Assignment: Sierra Three Platoon
Serial Number: 067-863-666
Date of Birth: 12/07/2088
Birthplace: Providence, RI
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Mental Condition: Stable
Physical Condition: Excellent
Distinguishing Characteristics: None
Psyche Profile (Summary): Generally cold & calculating, she has the mind of a strategist & a rudimentary understanding of psychology. This makes a truly accurate profile of her impossible, thanks largely to her own efforts. What is known for certain is that she demands respect from those under her command & goes to sometimes violent extremes to ensure she gets it. She has no tolerance for incompetence or lack of personal discipline. She has also displayed signs of an inferiority complex, which she compensates for by meeting, & if possible, exceeding every standard. The root of this complex is most likely the combination of her gender & her status in the Jumpcorps.
2114 - Enlisted with Exofleet & completed Jumpcorps basic training. Recommended & recruited for Exofleet Black Operations Section.
2115 to 2117 - *Classified*
2118 - Transferred to EFS Valkyrie, assigned to Bravo Two Platoon & promoted to Corporal.
2119 - Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, Battle of Encaladus resulted in the dissolution of Bravo Two Platoon due to heavy losses & destruction of EFS Valkyrie. Temporarily assigned to Box Three Platoon stationed out of the EFS Ratcliff.
2120 - Transferred to the EFS Normandy, assigned to Sierra Three Platoon.
Special Abilities: Highly adept in all forms of unarmed combat, expert marksman, black ops training allows movement with little to no sound.
Equipment (excluding Jump-armor): Two standard issue Type III blasters (Brower Industries) & one hold-out blaster (palm-sized, custom-made, concealed on lower back behind belt, small battery size allows for only six discharges).
E-Frame Type: Heavy Munitions Ultra-Light E-frame

Name: Robert Preston
Rank: Corporal
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Gender: Male
Attributes: A real hard worker & extensive memory of those Transformer toy's made during the 1980's & working knowledge of landscaping. Willing to go on patrol to wipe out & win over the Neo-Sapiens. Very precise in putting things where they belong. Intolerable to lateness. Believes if you say you're going to be there, be there on time. When nighttime comes, ability can be used selectively as to when it is desired for use. Is not like buddies who didn't have enough sense to not use it all night long to loot & pillage. Realizes that too much use of power will eventually cause evaporation. In off time, likes to sit around in a pair of jeans & a T-shirt & just enjoy being alive. But when it comes time to frame up, or whatever orders are given, is ready to jump up & join the party. Out of shape but ready to start working out to keep energy up during combat situations. Physically strong & able to take walking as long as any other trooper. Moved from Chicago to Orlando, Florida before enlisting. Hopes to visit Vens one day when the Neo occupation is gone & maybe start a farm there.
On person: Throwing knives. Can easily throw 40 ft due to use of weighted titanium which pierce armor to a degree.
In backpack: Gas Grenades to cloud the area & possibly knock out advancing enemies. Especially useful at night when invisible.
Arms: Heavy Blaster with 3 batteries for back up in heavy combat. Each battery lasts 1000 shots and are clipped on belt. Batteries weigh half as much as blaster, so 11 lbs.
RPG Launcher: Mini-Souza, custom built. Launches one or disperses whole clip of twelve or whatever is in clip. One clip in launcher. Slung off left shoulder.
Custom Backpack: Fingerprint sensitive. 4 compartments open from sides of backpack to ensure security. Back of backpack is featureless. If anyone without a fingerprint ID for backpack touches it. BYE-BYE. Feature can be turned off. Armored to withstand at least two shot's of a medium repeating blaster.
Backpack contents:
Top Right Compartment: Gas Grenades (3)
Top Left Compartment: RPG ordinance (6)
Bottom Left Compartment: Battery for Rifle (2)
Bottom Right Compartment: Med-Pack for wounded personnel & civilians
Follow-up: Using BlaqNite means weaponry on person is visible unless it completely touches skin or it's to dark to see, which means nothing since Neos can see in the dark with their heightened senses.

Name: Jonathon Hunter
Rank: Petty Officer Third Class
Assignment: Corpsman for Sierra-Three Platoon
DOB: 2096
Gender: Male
Brief summary: Jonathan Hunter grew up on Earth, and always wanted to serve the home-worlds. He joined up with the Exo-Fleet at the first opportunity. His knowledge of anatomy made him a first pick for a medical position.

Name: Dirk Dagger
Rank: Private
DOB: 2094
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lb.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
*Note: if you need more of a visual aid, just think of J.T. Marsh with a lot more hair
Gender: Male
Pysical Condition: Excellent
Brief summary: Although Mr. Dagger's history before entering the Exo Fleet remains a mystery, his perseverance, dedication, & excellent physical attributes have allowed him to graduate at the top of his class. He excels in hand to hand combat & is extremely experience in handling most types of weaponry. Just starting his career, he is certainly destined to rise quickly within the ranks of Exo Fleet.
It must be mentioned that Mr. Dagger has a tendency for reckless & often unorthodox behavior. Although quite mentally stable, he has often displayed (on virtual simulations, & in mock battles) decisions that put not only himself, but his teammates in danger. Remarkably, his instincts have proved more correct than the original design of these simulations, however, in actual battle, this "talent" could be an unwelcome hindrance to all.

Name: Leon "Unholy" Dyvim
Rank: Private
Assignment: Engineer for Sierra-Three Platoon
DOB: 2099
Height: 6'6
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eye Color: Red, surgically enhance to reduce the light entering the pupil
Hair Color: White, crew cut
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Marital Status: Engaged
Identifying Marks: V cut on the back lower right hand side of the neck, just above the shoulder. From: Unknown
History: No solid facts, just fragments
Abilities: -Basic E-Frame operation, & advance E-Frame Repair
-Advance Ultralight Frame operation, & repair
-Basic Hand-to-hand Combat
-Marksmanship: Rifle, Hand Blaster, & Long Range Ground Batteries
-Above Average Electronics skills
Jump Uniform: Completely black, turtleneck, long sleeves, loose pants. Exo patch on right forearm, & top left chest. Black army boots.
E-Frame type: Ultralight FireBoss # JR-150
Martian Desert Cammo, with attached mini Neo Laser sight
Electronically connect to his Plasma rifle's sight, by a sensor
Whereever he points his rifle, he sees where is pointing through a viewfinder on his helmet.

Name: Jared "Demon" Matthews Coldworth
Rank: Private, Specialist
Assignment: Sierra Three Platoon as of June 2, 2120 (unofficially May 25, 2119)
DOB: July 26, 2100
Age: 19
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 227 lbs.
Hair Color: Black with red streaks
Eye Color: Gray (both of his eyes are completely gray; the white, the colored, and the center). This does not appear to affect his vision, he can apparently see like any other human.
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Physical Condition: Excellent
Mental Condition: Excellent
Status: Married - December 09, 2116
Wife, Crystal Katherine Coldworth - Coma, DOB: July 26, 2100, Entered coma on May 23, 2119
Daughter, Marie Jade Coldworth - Deceased, DOB: May 24, 2118
History: Access denied upon request.
Training: -Advanced jumptrooper operations w/ advanced maintenance training.
-Advanced hand to hand combat.
-Wilderness survival training, all environments.
-Beginning Medical training.
-Stealth training.
Abilities: See first story.
Jumptroop Armor: Stealth Combat Suit