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Name: Adrian C. Henry
Rank: Captain
Assignment: Commanding Officer, EFS Normandy
DOB: 11/15/2080
Birthplace: Philadelphia, AT
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 95 kg
Marital Status: Single
Psych Profile (summary):
Constantly noted in all his superiors' assessments of him are two traits: intelligence & a strong sense of duty. While these have produced what is, by all accounts, a fine officer, they have combined within Adrian Henry's psyche to form a persistent sense of inadequacy. He is constantly driven by the feeling that he must apply his talents to the utmost for their maximum benefit for all society, & when he isn't, feelings of personal failure arise.
Growing up during a time when the newly created ExoFleet was respected & credited with the establishment & defense of a golden era, joining the ExoFleet was a childhood goal that remained with him. Given that years within the ExoFleet have not been personally fulfilling, despite his professional successes, there is considered to be a fairly high probability that he may resign his commission to pursue opportunities in civilian, & family, life.
Constantly seeking new challenges, along with a constant quest for personal improvement, has led to a wide range of assignments within ExoFleet. Because of this he is well known throughout the Fleet, but has few close friends. Among a crew his priority is the education & improvement of the officers under his command, & in believing that experience is a useful educator often prefers that the ship be run without him, which also provides him more time for his own personal pursuits.
While well liked by both superiors & fellow officers, those under his command do not always react so favorably. The combination of intelligence & a desire to teach while still maintaining a certain aloofness is sometimes interpreted as arrogance. Besides that seeing his role as instructor means pointing out mistakes, it also means keeping a watchful eye over the crew, & both are factors which can cause some friction. While quiet & patient, this almost grandfatherly demeanor often grates against those not much younger than he. Those with other family in ExoFleet are sometimes bothered to find that he is acquainted with stories of their childhood or provides reports of their personal & professional lives to those relatives he has previously met.
Adrian Henry is a skilled officer, experienced & capable in battle. He is also very good at improving those officers he commands, & his posts are better off after he leaves than before he arrived. Subordinates can develop a dissatisfaction with his personal traits, but there has never been any lack of motivation noticed among his crew, either because of his skills or the crews' knowledge that his many contacts can help their careers or that his past history is an indicator that he will not remain there long.
Sep 2098: Enrolled at ExoFleet Academy
May 2102: Graduated from ExoFleet Academy, interplanetary division; primary concentration tactics, secondary concentration personnel management. Commissioned as Ensign, assigned to ExoFrigate as bridge officer
Nov 2103: Promoted to Lieutenant (jg), assigned to ExoCarrier Coronado as Assistant Security Chief
Jun 2104: Assigned to ExoCruiser Powell as Ship Operations Assistant
Aug 2105: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to ExoCarrier Andromeda as Assistant Head of Flight Deck Operations
Sep 2106: Granted temporary leave to pursue further education
Jan 2107: Returned to active duty having earned M.S. in Nuclear Engineering; assigned to ExoCarrier Resolute as Assistant Nuclear Chief
Aug 2108: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned to ExoCruiser Hamilton as Second Officer
Oct 2109: Assigned to ExoCruiser Hood as Chief of Engineering
Sep 2110: Assigned to ExoFleet Academy as Instructor
May 2111: Assigned to ExoFleet Command HQ, position classified
Jul 2112: Promoted to Commander, assigned to ExoFrigate Constitution as Executive Officer
May 2114: Assigned to ExoCarrier Dominion as Executive Officer
Mar 2116: Promoted to Captain, took command of ExoCruiser Wellington
Jan 2118: Took command of ExoFrigate Normandy

Name: Jonathan Xanatos
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Executive Officer, EFS Normandy
Serial Number: 0-2001 T994-16
DOB: 16 December, 2085
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Background: French, Italian, & German
Marital Status: Single
Physical Condition: Good
Mental Condition: Tendencies toward depression & anxiety eliminated from Genetic Makeup at age 18 through Gene Manipulation Correctional Act (GMCA) of 2100. On the surface he may still seem like someone who murdered his kids, but that emotionless demeanor is misleading.
Personality: Somewhat withdrawn. A man of thought rather than of action. He'd freeze up in an e-frame. Reflex & stamina are not his strong points, while command & leadership are virtues he does have. Likeable once you get to know him, but seems dark & a little foreboding if you don't. Despite of this, he retains a good commander/crew relationship. Not the best of the best, but up thereSome people believe him to be arrogant or pompous, but it is a reflection of his quiet personality. Lack of battle experience combined with mellow demeanor may seem disconcerting, but when push comes to shove he can handle things.
History: Genetic deformities resulting from Selective Gene Sequencing (SGS) inherited. Parents deceased. No siblings. Joined Exofleet in 2106 & rose through ranks steadily to Commander. Current status represents first assignment as an XO. No prior battle experience. Reasons for joining unknown. A full college education was within reach & great potential could be seen for a career in the sciences or some other profession, but for reasons unknown a last minute change in decision landed him at Exofleet Academy.

Name: Amy Hiatt
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Assignment: Chief Engineer, EFS Normandy (FF-608)
Serial Number: 0-517982 R83-01
DOB: 20 May, 2095
Home Town: Fort Benton, Montana, USA, Earth
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color: brown, shoulder length
Eye Color: blue
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Physical Condition: Excellent
Mental Condition: Excellent
Personality: Born the middle child, she grew up a natural peacemaker between her older sister & younger brother. She doesn't find much use for this skill in the ExoFleet & hopes she'll never have to. Amy is usually a calm person & normally is in a good mood but once someone pushes her long temper too far than it would be a smart idea to steer clear of her. When people first meet her they tend to think she is shy but once she gets comfortable around them they discover she is really a friendly, outgoing, dependable person. When she sets her mind on something there is no stopping her & she is very stubborn about her opinions, which she has a lot of. She loves to debate issues with people & will generally listen to others as long as they are reasonable. The thing she hates most is when people expect her to be infallible. She admits she has faults & one of them is that she does not know everything. Other faults she acknowledges are to being a big flirt & having an ego, which she insists she inherited from her father. After all, her favorite saying is "I know I'm not perfect, but I'm so close it's scary."
History: Raised in a small, peaceful town in central Montana by a loving family, Amy grew up with a relatively uneventful childhood. Her parents always encouraged her to explore her inexhaustible curiosity for electronics &, by the age of 17, she had learned everything about them she possibly could without the benefit of any formal training. If there's a problem then she generally knows how to solve it. She's a regular fixture around the Normandy with her arms buried in parts & wires up to her elbows. Amy is considered to be intelligent, although she tends to protest & says she's average. Graduated in the top of her high school class. She met Nicole Montgomery when she was 15. Nikki was passing through the area with her uncle. The two realized how much they had in common & became best friends. Even though Nikki continued to travel, the two stayed in close touch & visited often. When one decided to join the Academy the other was quick to follow although they decided to follow different paths. Nikki wanted to be an Exopilot, while she loved to fly, Amy couldn't bring herself to ever injure or kill another being, whether they were Terran or Neosapien. But if it came down to survival or the lives of the people she cared about then she is willing to do whatever it takes. When Nikki was assigned to the Normandy, Amy worked hard to earn herself an assignment on board the ship. The two friends are almost inseparable & spend much of their free time together. Anywhere the duo goes, chaos & mayhem tend to follow. They draw the line at physically hurting anyone or thing & try not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Name: Dr. Karen Rhodes
Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Medical Officer
Age: 2091
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Chin length light brown, curly
Eyes: Green
Species: Terran
Physical description: Average build but soft (read out of shape!)
Brief history: Only child of Admiral Rhodes, went to medical school against her father's wishes, then capitulated & joined Exofleet.
First assignment: EFS Normandy.
Equipment: Left hand & forearm - Medical glove, flexible, covers the palm & fingertips with sensors & retractable tools, with a thicker forearm piece that contains a screen & controls.
Uniform: Jumpsuit is blue, yellow, & black, with utility belt, pouch on right thigh, & red cross on left chest.

Name: Rick "The Chief" Konig
Rank: First Lieutenant
Assignment: Chief of Security, Exo-Frigate Normandy
Age: 2087
Birthplace: Southeast Michigan, USA, Earth
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Blue/grey
Complexion: Tan
Species: Terran
History: Being born to a middle class family on an island in southeast Michigan, he grew up to have a relatively happy childhood, had plenty of friends, but never unwilling to show off his strength. Lt. Konig planned to become a history professor after college, but he realized that history didn't make that much money, so he joined the ExoFleet to try & make the necessary ends meet.
Once in the fleet he quickly rose to the rank of sergeant, & there his knowledge of historical attacks & troop movement proved invaluable while leading his squad through training exercises. Upon reaching the rank of staff sergeant, Konig dropped out of the active fleet & joined the Exo-Reserves. Here he still had time to get his education, & he joined a ROTC course to get his commission.
After he received a masters in history & getting his commission, he was offered a chance to re-join the active Exo-Fleet, as head of security & tactical ground/boarding actions aboard a new frigate just off the line.
The EFS Normandy: Now at his new post his job was restricted to breaking up scuffles involving jumptroops & E-Frame pilots. This was a decent job, he had a great security staff working with him, & thanks to his MP job he got to know most of the crew over time & tends to get along with them pretty well, although if he shows up to a get together in the lounge things tend to calm down a bit. But hey, no one wants an MP breaking up their fun. It's all part of a day's work.
"Chief" was a nickname given to Lt. Konig by Cpt. Henry whenever he needed to call the Chief of Security to break up a scuffle in the barracks, or to pull a trooper (or crewman) out of the lounge who had too much to drink & was acting up.
Lt. Konig likes to talk to various crewmen just to be friendly & to try to get the crew to relax around him. He can get in the way occasionally trying to learn all of the aspects of the ship, & can be called upon to help out in any way (hanger control, pot boiling over in the mess, electronics, helm. etc.)
Standard equipment: Blaster Rifle (No wussie Star Trek remote controls) Blaster Pistol: standard Exo-Guard body armor (Like the early jumptroops minus the jumppack): stun baton: vibro dagger: restraining shock-cuffs.

Name: Alex Serge Rothland (answers to the name Asteroth)
Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Science Officer, Theoretical Scientist completing studies aboard the EFS Normandy
DOB: 3/9/2092
Birthplace: Redding California
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair Color: Light Green (medical pigment alteration)
Eye Color: Left eye red, Right eye green (medical pigment alteration)
Complexion: a very light tan achieved only from artificial lighting.
Gender: Male
Background: German/British
Distinguishing Characteristics: Tattoo of an oriental dragon & ming dynasty characters that translate roughly to: "The dark abides light"
Marital Status: Single
Psychological Profile: Compiled by Charlie Fields MD
Alex is slightly eccentric though he's prone to mild bouts of depression when alone. Alex is fascinated by myth & lore, this fascination is evident in the deliberate alterations of his appearance. Though no conclusive proof is shown I believe his hatred of Neosapiens stems from this desire to be supernatural. In every way, I believe he perceives Neosapiens as Monsters, much like Ogres or Trolls. Alex is almost compelled to learn more about the interaction between man & machine even though he fears having his own mind "hot-wired". Possibly the most detrimental aspect of Alex's Psyche is the fact that he adores women but fears interaction with them, using his work as an excuse to avoid personal relations. To any Commanding officers who should meet him I advise patience as he openly deplores Authority & may defy it occasionally. It should be noted as peculiar that Alex prefers the dark & listens to music only from 1985-2001.
History: Alex's was paralyzed from the waist down as the result of a explosion while working on an experimental rocket modification at the age of 15. At 16 Alex contributed to an Anti-Neosapien propaganda effort.
Career: Considered by many to be a child prodigy Alex attained degrees in Neuro Technology, Weapons Science, Propulsion technology, & Combat Psychology at the age of 17. In 2117 Alex registered as a private scientist Advising against the use of NeuroJacks, Shortly thereafter he was commissioned by ExoFleet to conduct studies on the psychological affects of prolonged NeuroJack Use. In 2119 he was assigned to the EFS Normandy to conduct research there over a ten year period.
Equipment: A tensile sensor leg armor based on exo technology (refuses to be outfitted with a neurojack & refuses to replace his legs with a prosthesis), a bag containing several multi-purpose tools & a copy of Heart of Darkness & MacBeth. Carries a Cris blade at his hip.

Name: William 'Will' F. Hagen
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Assignment: Operations Officer, EFS Normandy
DOB: 08/23/2084
Birthplace: Near Houston, TX, Earth
Height: 1.8 m (5'11")
Weight: 74.8 kg (165 lb.)
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Complexion: Fair
Background: German/Italian
Bio: Born to fairly wealthy parents near Houston, TX, he had a fairly comfortable upbringing showing an aptitude for math & engineering at an early age. His father retired from ExoForce Civil Service when Will was quite young & the family traveled around Europe & Venus. When he was 15, he met his grandfather who captains an ore freighter around the solar system between serving prison terms for smuggling contraband & violating interplanetary trade agreements among other things. The meeting made a big impression on Will who admired his free spirit & entrepreneurial philosophy. Will later learned that his grandfather was investigated in 2069 for being a Neo-Sympathizer during the uprising & indicted several times but never convicted of acts of collusion with the pirates.
Will is usually quiet & has a quick wit & a dry, but good sense of humor. He regards others with a sense of skepticism & chooses his friends carefully. He is very analytical & level headed which may seem to be uncaring at times but he is extremely efficient at his job & always puts business before pleasure. He takes orders as well as he gives them but does neither without considering the consequences first. He rarely loses his temper but when he does, he means business. He regards the ExoFleet as his job &, to a lesser extent, his duty, but his life first & foremost belongs to him.
Aug 2102 - Accepted into the University of Chicago where he enrolled in the ExoForce ROTC program.
May 2106 - Graduated with honors completing a double major in Computer Science & Business Administration. Commissioned as an Ensign in the ExoFleet & assigned to Exocruiser Bismarck as Helm Officer.
Oct 2107 - Assigned to Exocarrier Vigilant as Flight Deck Operations Assistant.
Mar 2108 - Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade. Transferred to Fort Elizabeth, Venus as Computer Operations Supervisor.
Dec 2108 - Assigned to Exocarrier Trafalgar as Assistant Chief of Fusion Reactor Operations.
May 2111 - Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to Exofleet HQ [classified]
Feb 2112 - Reassigned to Exocarrier Coronado as Weapons & Ordinance Officer.
Nov 2115 - Promoted to Lt. Commander. Assigned to Exocruiser Wellington as Bridge Operations Officer.
Mar 2116 - Transferred to Exofrigate Copernicus as Bridge Operations Officer.
Oct 2117 - Assigned to Exofrigate Normandy as Chief Operations Officer.

Name: Cookie Macchia
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Assignment: Chief Chef, ExoFrigate Normandy
DOB: April 1, 2083
Birthplace: Long Island, United States of America
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240lbs
Hair: Brown (balding)
Eyes: Gray
Distinguishing Characteristics: Prosthetic Leg, left. Tattoo, a silver fox, right upper arm.
Psychological Profile: Compiled by Jennifer Stewart, MD
Remains bitter over forced discharge & the ExoFleet's refusal to grant him flight clearance. Extremely adaptable, managed to get back into the fleet & obtain an officer position. Refuses to use his considerable intellect in any field other than combat. Turned down promotion & reassignment to tactical operations because it would put him in the normal chain of command. Enjoys the freedom of being directly answerable to nobody. Left the Resolute to be in command of his own kitchen. Is happy in his current position, but desires to be put back on the flight roster. Resents Fleet Command for refusing to allow pilots with artificial limbs. Has no physical limitations from his & believes he should be allowed in an ExoFighter.
Education: Bachelor of the Arts, Culinary Science, Long Island State University at Farmingdale
ExoFleet & Educational History: April 10, 2100 Enlists at ExoFleet recruiting center, Long Island City, Long Island.
April 20, 2100 Begins Basic Training, ExoFleet Training Facility, Grover Mills, New Jersey
June 30, 2100 Begins Flight Training, ExoFleet Training Facility, Gobi Desert, Commonwealth of China
September 13, 2100 Graduates with Honors, ExoFleet Training Facility, Gobi Desert, Commonwealth of China
September 18, 2100 Begins first Assignment, ExoFighter Pilot, Bungee Squad, Lagrange Point Outpost Number 2
January 12, 2102 Begins second assignment, ExoFighter Pilot, Fox Squadron, Asteroid Outpost Number 14
June 23, 2106 Promoted to Sergeant & reassigned, ExoFighter Pilot, Amber Squadron, ExoCarrier Vigilant
February 13, 2108 Participates in the Battle of the Belt. Sole survivor of Amber squad. Wounded in battle, left leg is amputated. Promoted to First Sergeant & is Honorably Discharged.
June 16, 2110 Enrolls at Long Island State University.
May 29, 2114 Graduates Long Island State University with a BA in Culinary Science.
July 16, 2114 Reenlists in the ExoFleet, ExoFleet Recruiting Center, Long Island City, New York.
July 21, 2114 Begins Officer Training, ExoFleet Training Facility, Asheville, North Carolina
December 15, 2114 Graduates with Honors & the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade, Officer Training, ExoFleet Training Facility, Asheville, North Carolina
January 9, 2115 Assigned as Assistant Chief Chef, ExoCarrier Resolute.
October 11, 2116, Assigned as Chief Chef, ExoFrigate Normandy.

Name: Thorist, Renek
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Intelligence Officer; EFS Normandy Special Ops. Plant
Serial Number: 0-5003 R774-90
DOB: 01 January, 2085
Birthplace: New York City, USA, Earth
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Background: American/English
Marital Status: Single
Physical Condition: Excellent
Mental Condition: Cold. Doesn't offer any information unless specifically asked. Never talks about himself & rarely talks to the other crewmembers.
History: Born in New York City he joined the Exo-Fleet when he was 18. They soon discovered his abilities in handling a weapon & stealth. The natural thing to do was to train him as an assassin. They gave him years of mental & physical training. He got sent on many Black Ops. Then they began to train him in spying. How to pose as an officer. How to use special instruments such as miniature cameras & sensor equipment. How to disarm bombs. They then started his frame training. He learned how to operate nearly all types of E-Frames & starship. Then he was planted upon the Normandy as a spy. Officially he is an Ensign & the intelligence officer. He has not yet demonstrated any of his skills & officially only knows Exo-Fleet procedures & protocols; that's why he was put on the ship. In reality they want to make sure the ship doesn't mutiny & this perfectly trained & loyal soldier is just the man to make sure it doesn't. He remains a mystery to the crew. He has strong mental shielding from ten years of discipline & cannot be read by mental scans. He is also trained in many forms of personal & unarmed combat. He regularly reports back to the fleet (via personal transponder) to give them regular updates on the ship’s status.

Name: Jasper Quebedeaux
Rank: Petty Officer First Class
Assignment: Gunner's Mate
DOB: 2/17/2094
Birthplace: Abbeville, LA, USA
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 227 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Black
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Physical Condition: Built
History: He joined ExoFleet out of high school, and has never been passed up for a promotion. He is a easygoing outgoing guy, quick with a joke, and cocky. When working he gets more serious, and is strict with his subordinates, so no incompetents slip through.

Name: Marcy Aine Sparkin
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Assignment: Engineering division, maintenance section
Battle Station: Damage Control, team leader
DOB: October 29, 2095
Home Town: Montreal, Canada
Height: 5' 2"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Engaged
History: Marcy was born to a cop and a teacher in Montreal, Canada. She had a relatively normal childhood, and did rather well in school. She went straight from high school to college, where she completed two years towards a Fire Science degree before joining ExoFleet for minimum service, planning on returning to school afterwards. After the NeoSapien war started, however, leaving the Fleet was not an option. This does not seem to bother her much as she loves her job. Marcy is incredibly laid back, but also manages to be a bit of a control freak, at least in work.

Name: C. ap Iorweth
DOB/Age: Unknown, appears mid 30's
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Long Black & with a full beard
Eyes: Brown
Additional Information: A scruffy & rugged miner type who's been based out in the outer planets all his life. As anyone living for long periods of time with no one else to rely on he's a dab hand at cobbling things together to make them work.