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The first step in joining the Normandy is to join the ExoSquad Mailing list:
"This is a mailing list which is designed to allow ExoSquad fans to carry on intelligent & informative discussion regarding all things ExoSquad, be it the television show, the toys, or something else.
"This list is closed, only subscribers are able to submit messages to the list. If you wish to subscribe to the list, you should e-mail Nothing contained in the subject nor the body is necessary.
"Mailing this address will result in a confirmation message being sent to you. The message will ask you to reply to a very long, bizarre address (the confirmation code is part of the address). The important thing is to REPLY -- you don't need to retype the address; just use the reply feature of your mail reader. If you follow the instructions, you'll be added to the list."
Once on the list you send your messages to:
If this does not work, write Patrick Danner at, he's the list creator, & he knows everything.
Once you have made it on the list, e-mail with the subject line: '[ExoSquad] Normandy Character' to request your desired position (demanding will get you nowhere). When you get his ok, send your bio to him, or the list. If you'd like an example, go to the Roster page & click on the Group Headers (as in EFS Normandy, Gamma Squad, Sierra-Three Platoon) to see that group's collected bios. It is strongly suggested you read the following before joining, (over time, the guidelines have shown to be much more loosely followed then implied):

Written by
_EFS Normandy Charter_
This list shall be used to share stories & topics relating to Exo-Squad & the crew of the Normandy. Normandy stories & topics subject line should begin with [ExoSquad] EFS:.
New members shall be admitted upon approval. The process for admitting new members is as such:
The prospective member must e-mail Lt. jg Cookie Macchia ( stating that they wish to join. Upon approval they must submit to him a character profile consisting of: Name, Age, Branch (E-Frames, Jumptroops, or ExoFleet,) Division, Position (if one is preferred), & History. Lt. Macchia will assign a rank & an immediate superior officer. Pending approval the prospective member is officially a crewmember of the EFS Normandy.

All members shall follow these rules as they apply to E-Mail sent to the list or to other crewmembers.
1. Opinions are permitted, however the post must specifically state that it is the crewmembers opinion.
2. Disagreements shall be handled between the parties involved & are not to be placed on the list.
3. Any post of interest to the crew of the Normandy is allowed. Spam, Trolls, Flames & any other majorly offensive posts are not allowed.
4. Do not start flame wars, do not participate in flame wars, & do not encourage flame wars. And if possible, say what you have to in one e-mail, do not send 7 one-liners to the list.
5. Above all, be polite, respectful & use common sense.

Any crewmember may be removed from the list in the following manner:
If a crewmember is causing problems & attempts to resolve it have failed, the Captain shall issue one warning to the offending crewmember. If the problem persists, the captain may remove the person from the list as long as the Trinity (Henry, Hobbes & Jose) concurs. After three weeks, the removed person may petition to return. If they can get five respected crewmembers to vouch for them, they may return, however they will be on probation for a period of four weeks. If the problem that forced them out returns, the person is removed without the ability to return.
Any crewmember may leave of their own accord.
Changes to this document are to be handled in this way: Any change can be submitted to the list. The change may be debated on the list for no more than one week. At that time, a vote will be held. A majority of 51% will bring about the change.

Prospective crewmembers may choose their own division from the following list:
1.) Exo-Fleet:
a.) Command
b.) Engineering
c.) Security/Tactical
d.) Medical
e.) Signal Corps
f.) Other

2.) E-Frame Pilots
a.) Command
b.) Engineering
c.) Ordnance/Heavy Weapons
d.) Medical
e.) Signal Corps

3.) Jumptroops
a.) Command
b.) Engineering
c.) Ordnance/Heavy Weapons
d.) Medical
e.) Signal Corps

Command is reserved for officers only by its very definition. Upon receiving his or her first promotion to Second Lieutenant or Ensign, the crewmember becomes an officer & may then transfer to the Command division if they so choose. Transfers to another division are allowable at any time. Should you wish to transfer to any other division, contact the Trinity.

New crewmembers are free to choose the division & branch where they feel most comfortable or useful. If they have no preference, it is advised to look at the breakdown of crew by division below the manifest/chain of command to see which divisions most need them.

After reading this document, contact your captain at with all pertinent information.

Welcome to Exofleet's finest, the EFS Normandy, FF-608.
EFS Normandy (TM, 2117 A.D.) - Exofleet Command - Dublin, Ireland, Earth