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Shipname: EFS Normandy - Seal Rendition
Exo-Fleet Registry: FF-68
Classification: Exo-Frigate
Built: Sedna Planitia Fleet Yards, Venus
Launched: 1 July, 2117
Commissioned: 4 August, 2117
Bridge Plaque; (Graphic Credit: Darren Scharf [])

Rendition 1a; Rendition 1b (Graphic credits: J. P. [])
Rendition 2; (Graphic Credit: Lt. Cmdr. Hobbes [])
Length: 230.5 Meters
Width: 150.2 Meters
Height: 55.7 Meters
Decks: 19 (Decks 13, 14, 17, & 19 are Enlisted Quarters.)
Crew: 172 (124 ExoFleet, 18 Exo-Troopers, 40 Jumptroops)
Propulsion: 5 Type 42 Fusion Propulsion System Engines
Max. Speed: 35 Million KPH
Defensive Systems: Standard Diffuse Shielding, Strobium Armour
Offensive Systems: 28 Particle Laser Cannons, 6 Plasma Torpedo Launchers
Auxiliary Craft: 1 Type 6 Crew Shuttle, 2 Long-Range Scouts, 20 E-Frames, 1 Dropship
Sierra-Three Platoon Seal Rendition
Gamma Squadron Seal Rendition

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