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Name: B. Hobbes
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Assignment: Commanding Officer, Gamma Squad
Serial Number: 0-571481 T42-43
DOB: 4 August, 2089
Home Town: Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, European Confederation, Earth
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue, Light Grey, Sea Green
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Martial Status: Single
Physical Condition: Excellent
Mental Condition: Excellent
E-Frame: Police Enforcer E-Frame

Name: Ratislav O'Muirdagh
Rank: First Lieutenant
Assignment: Executive Officer, Gamma Squad
Serial Number: 0-569235 K10-13
DOB: 14 December 2094
Home Town: Havana, Cuba, Earth
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 141 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Forest Green
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Mental Condition: Excellent
Physical Condition: Excellent
Distinguishing Characteristics: Dragon tattoo that covers most of his back, chain of thorns tattoo on right wrist, & 3" pewter sword worn on necklace.
Summary: Born of a Scottish father & a very religious Russian Mother on the island of Cuba. He was raised there until he joined the Fleet to please his father & to get away from a little 'trouble.' He can seem very cold to those who don't know him & is easily overlooked in a crowded room or even an empty one. He kills his enemies without a second thought & is not the type to lose sleep over it later. With friends he is rarely without a humorous comment & will do just about anything to help them. One of his failings is that he makes enemies quicker then he makes friends.
Specialties: Speaks fluent English, Spanish, Russian, & Japanese, & is a certified heavy weapons fanatic.
Equipment: Blaster, Knife w/12" blade (sheathed in small of back), & 6" boot knife.
E-Frame: Modified Field Sergeant E-Frame

Name: Elan Morin Tedronai, prefers to be called Elan or Elan Morin
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Assignment: Intelligence/Comm Officer for Gamma Squad
DOB: May 12, 2096
Birthplace: Northeastern United States, Earth
Height: 6 feet
Weight: about 160 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Physical Condition: Is not a very strong person, prefers to enhance his speed & stamina over strength.
Personality profile: Very noble. Honest. Likes to think of himself as a knight, so as a result, will speak sometimes using words like thou, & others of similar nature. This also results, sometimes, in insubordination, because he tends to do what he thinks is the right thing to do. He is also very proficient with the weapons of the past, as well as modern weapons.
Tends to be quiet, (not necessarily shy, just not very talkative) but watch out, if you can get him going. There is one exception, he is very shy around females. Never knows what to say. He is very easy to get along with, & doesn't get angered easily. Extremely stubborn, if he thinks he is right, but will be the first to admit he is wrong. Is usually mild tempered, but can get exceedingly ornery when his honor & integrity are challenged.
Very intelligent, which probably contributes to his quiet nature. He is also very observant.
Extremely skilled in an E-Frame, one of the better pilots out there. Out of an E-Frame, can be so stealthful, that one will very rarely know he is there until it is too late. He will also avoid killing if he can, & will often mourn the loss of an enemy as well as a friend, but usually not where he can be seen by others.
Personal History: His father died before he was born, his mother had to find work to provide a means of support for him. As a result she wasn't around a whole lot, so he learned at a very early age how to survive on his own. He also did a lot of personal studies, which contributes to his intelligence. He achieved his stealthfulness by hunting deer & other forest animals by hunting them with nothing more than a small dagger. This also made him very agile & enhanced his senses to better than average.
Became interested in flying, & the Exo-Fleet, when he was in high school & worked to get into the Exo Academy. It was there that his instructors saw his natural penchant for gathering information, & was given an Intelligence position upon graduating from the Academy.
Uniform/Equipment: Uniform is of his own design, but also carries a wicked looking dagger at his belt & a very small crossbow, uses them for their silence in firing & using, unlike a blaster.

Name: Kristin O'Connor
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Assignment: ExoSquad Field Repair Officer
DOB: Jan. 23, 2097
Born: Galway, Ireland, Earth
Height: 5' 5"
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Gray
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Distinguishing Characteristics: Tattoo on Ankle.
Psych Profile: Kristin is extremely shy. Once you get past that, she is rather laid back, & friendly, but still somewhat quiet. She has an interesting combination of lack of confidence & extreme stubbornness. She almost never asks for help out of both pride & timidness. Kristin lacks assertiveness, & rarely voices her opinions unless absolutely necessary. She usually prefers to agree to disagree rather than argue. Because of this, she often becomes the mediator in arguments. She dislikes causing violence & death, but she will fight for what she believes in. When one-on-one with a friend, she shows little signs of her shyness. She has a tendency towards sarcasm, & a good sense of humor. She is also extremely allegiant to friends, squad-members & such.
Kristin is very much the rookie, but knows what she is doing. She takes pride in her work & is easily frustrated if people don't trust her ability. She is extremely professional when necessary, & not to be underestimated. Being raised in a military family she knew what she was getting into. She is a career officer, & remarkably resourceful & intelligent.
Brief History: Her parents were both military, so she never stayed in one place long & decided to continue the trend by joining herself. Quite proficient in fixing things. Has always had the habit of taking things apart & attempting to put them back together again. Was on the Dublin Fleet Academy Rowing Team. This is her first post.
Equipment: Everything a field engineer can carry. Always has a tool bag at her side. Wears a black & charcoal uniform.
E-Frame: Modified Field Repair E-Frame (smaller)

Name: Kat McLean
Rank: Sergeant
Assignment: Field Sergeant, Gamma Squad
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
E-Frame: Reconnaissance E-Frame

Name: Alain Vouriot
Rank: Exo Trooper 1st Class
Assignment: Medical Specialist, Gamma Squadron, EFS Normandy FF-608
Serial Number: 4-307624107 V27-65
Age: 29
DOB: 4 September 2092
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Central Plains Bloc, Canada, Earth
Height: 6'0
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Physical Condition: Excellent
Mental Condition: Good
Distinguishing marks:
- Fleur de lys tattooed on the right deltoid
- Winged snake tattooed from the elbow entwining itself to back of the left hand
Psych profile:
- Relatively quiet & reserved around others
- When put under heavy non-combat situations is prone to lash out violently
- Prefers to work alone but will join a group when needed
- Always will try to do things as efficiently as possible
- Born in central Canada, in a predominately French-Canadian family with a Metis background
- Father, Louis, Disappeared on 23 January 2102, under mysterious circumstances
- Mother, Marie-Ange, Living
- Eldest of five children, three boys and two girls:
  - One brother, Staff Sergeant Joseph Vouriot, and one sister, Lance Corporal Catherine Vouriot, are Jump troopers stationed on the Exo
     Cruiser, EFS Vimy Ridge; Zulu-Seven Platoon
  - Brother, Jacques Vouriot, Deceased, 2 May 2114
  - Sister, Hélène, married to Lieutenant Commander Felix Durand, commander of Gauntlet squadron, on the Exo Frigate, EFS Dieppe
- He learned to hunt with a bow at a very young age and quickly became an expert marksman
- Fluently understands and speaks French, English, Gaelic, Spanish, Cree, and Sioux
- 9 June 2114: Enlisted into the Exo-Fleet at Exo-Fleet recruiting centre, Winnipeg, Canada; Basic training at EFB Borden, medical corps
   training at EFB Stuttgart
- 22 November 2116: Assigned to EFB Carson City, for medical relief efforts after the earthquake of 17 November 2116. Promoted to
   Exo-trooper Basic.
- 5 January 2117: Applied to and Accepted into the E-Frame Aviation Training Cadre, stationed at EFB Tripoli, Republic of Northern Africa.
- 3 April 2117: Promoted to Exo-Trooper. Assigned to the Exo Carrier, EFS Horizon, Wraith Squadron, upon completion of Flight School
- 26 June 2117: Graduated from the University of Manitoba, while onboard ship, with a double major in geography and history of the home
   worlds, with a minor in Terran mythology
- 7 August 2117: Transferred to the Exo Frigate, EFS Normandy, Gamma Squadron, Promotion to Exo Trooper 1st Class
- Black knee high riding boots
- Grey Pants with white splashes
- Grey Jacket with white splashes, all over
- Grey and White Cap
- 1 Standard Issue Blaster
- 1 Plasma Rifle
- Emergency Medical Equipment Case
E-Frame: Rapid Assault E-Frame

Name: Nicole (Nikki) Montgomery
Rank: Exo Trooper
Assignment: Exofighter pilot
DOB: 2099
Born: Chicago, Earth
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Strawberry-blond
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Distinguishing Characteristics: 4" Scars down both knees & hips
Brief Personality Summary: Not exactly experienced in field combat situations, but not to be written off as useless in one either. She prefers hand weapons like knives & blasters, but is nearly almost as at home in an Exofighter. Although she does have a slight problem with being ordered around, she manages to keep it in check (most of the time). Reserved & wary around people she doesn't know, but extremely friendly once she dismisses them as any type of threat. Her quick wit & sharp tongue tend to get her into trouble. She is very mature for her age.
Brief History: Born with a hip displacement, the doctors in Chicago told her parents that she would never walk. After searching, they found a doctor in Greater Paris who was willing to undertake the operation &, after 4 years of surgeries & casts, he was successful & the only evidence of he birth defect were the scars from surgeries. After her parents died when she was 13, she lived with an uncle. He loved to travel, so they were never in one place for extended periods of time. Nikki took an interest in not only languages, but weapons as well. When her uncle could no longer travel, he settled in Europe. Nikki, however, kept up her travels until she decided to join the Exofleet.
Special Abilities: Sspeaks French, English & Russian fluently & can understand Oriental languages to some extent.
Equipment: A pair of 6" knives (plus a spare in right boot). And, of course, the ever trusty blaster. Dark grey uniform with dark purple accents & boots.
E-Frame: ExoFighter Space E-Frame

Name: Jason Morris
Rank: Midshipman
Assignment: Recon E-Frame pilot for Gamma Squadron
Age: 2101
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Gender: Male
Species: Terran
General Physical Description: Thin & of average build, with an unruly mop of hair, Jason is fairly nondescript, with no tattoos, body piercing, or prominent scars. Also no genetic enhancement, Jason is 100% natural, something he likes to joke about sometimes.
Personality profile: Jason is in many respects still a wide-eyed, excitable boy despite his being in the ExoFleet. It's still new enough to him that he finds a lot of enjoyment in even the most menial or repetitive tasks.
Generally warm & amiable, Jason has the unfortunate trait of speaking before he thinks, sometimes when silence would be far better. He takes (non-malicious) pleasure in pointing out what he sees as hypocritical actions in others, be they his equals or superiors. While this is somewhat fueled by the desire to understand orders he thinks are foolish, it has been known to get him into trouble.
Although still easily excitable, the tenets of "duty", "honor", & other buzzwords from the Academy are still ringing in his ears. Coupled with his relative inexperience, Jason tends to react rather predictably, following regulations unless they would be blatantly suicidal. He's brave, but not stupid. However, he isn't a blind follower. If he sees a quicker, easier way to do something, he'll do it, regs or not.
He also has a bit of a mischievous streak, & isn't above playing minor practical jokes on close friends.
Personal History: "Tour the Solar System!" the ExoFleet recruitment poster read. Even at a young age, Morris was fascinated with the prospect of other worlds. Born in what was formerly Los Angeles, he grew up a relatively normal
child, with no traumas or serious tragedies to color his judgement.
Even in adolescence, Jason's love of exploration, largely indulged through holo-vids, grew. From the childhood fantasies about aliens to his current love of "seeing what's out there," Jason chased his dreams all the way to the ExoFleet Academy.
One desire was to see the beauty of some of the other Homeworlds, especially the rural "feel" of Venus, which differs so much from where he grew up. Like his views of ExoFleet, his opinion of Venus is colored more by dreams & holo-vids than any real information.
A fair student, Morris' real talents lay in reconnaissance & stealth. Being a natural for the recon E-Frames, Jason became extremely specialized with them, using them like a second skin. With it, he can be absolutely devastating, putting the machine through maneuvers that make ExoTechs cringe. His specialization did not come without price, however. In heavier frames, Jason tends to treat them as if they were the lighter recon models. His combat effectiveness is substantially lessened in anything but a recon frame, or in simple non-frame combat.
His posting to the Normandy during his last year as a cadet was extremely exciting for him, as he makes his way into the unknown.
E-Frame: Reconnaissance E-Frame